About CyberSpark

CyberSpark – the new Israeli Cyber Innovation Arena is a joint venture of the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) in the Prime Minister’s Office, Beer-Sheva Municipality, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and leading companies in the cyber-security industry.

By creating a unique geographical cluster of leading cyber companies, multinational corporations, ground-breaking academic research, leading technology defense unites, specialized educational platforms, and the National CERT, CyberSpark offers a comprehensive ecosystem that is unprecedented in terms of innovation and prospective success. Physical proximity and shared interest drive new collaborations and opportunities.



Benefits Information

Grant to employers involved in Cybersecurity field in Beer Sheva’s cyber-tech hub.

Why Beer Sheva?

The capitol of Negev. Beer Sheva is a city situated in the South of Israel, often called the capital of the Negev as it is the biggest and most lively city in the area. Despite it’s desert surroundings, Beer Sheva has transformed into one of the leading technology cities in the country and has been named the Cyber Capital of Israel.

  1. Research Centers

    Direct access to the most advanced cyber laboratories and national research center.

  2. Benefits

    Return of up to 20% of every cyber-related employee’s gross salary.
    Dedicated grant by the CSO for cyber developers

For more information click to download the Why CyberSpark Brochure.