Soft Landing in CyberSpark

Landing-Pad is a service that enables global players to make a smooth transition into the Israeli Cyber Innovation Arena, by outlining a gradual, tailor-made, zero-risk entry path that best complies with their strategy.

This unique service is offered to foreign companies with no substantial presence in Israel which at this time aim to consider the option of establishing an entity associated with cyber in the fast growing ecosystem in Be’er-Sheva.

How dows it work?

CyberSpark nominates a local team of experts, covering the entire spectrum of related disciplines such as cybersecurity, business, finance and legal, functioning as the core team of the partner’s Israeli branch in scouting available gateways for initiating an operation in CyberSpark. The team works in full coordination with a designated POC on the customer’s side thus ensuring a coherent and transparent operation keeping the customer’s business perspective and culture in mind.

How long does it take?

The basic service duration is 6 months. This minimal period is necessary to thoroughly investigate all the best entry points within the CyberSpark arena, thus enabling the customer to take an educated decision on the most suitable way forward.

What are the main entry points available?

  • Identifying local start-ups for collaborations (e.g. Design-partner, Alpha-site, Acquisitions)
  • Building joint research proposals with members of the Academia
  • Initiating joint ventures with local entrepreneurs • Initiating joint ventures with MNCs
  • Identifying joint projects with innovative Israeli companies
  • Cyber Think-tank – Top cybersecurity experts brainstorming together with partner teams
  • Hackathons – The most innovative people working on real data to solve problems

How much does it cost?

Customers purchasing the service negotiate pricing directly with CyberSpark in accordance with a mutually defined Statement of Work.

Service Specifications Research and Development:

Research and Development include skills, knowledge and infrastructure for developing cyber security solution either through the development of specific application or through the embedment of existing technologies into mature production environment. Establishing an R&D center in CyberSpark requires a thorough acquaintance with existing assets available in Israel in general and specifically in the park, such as Industries, Research centers, Start-ups, Academia and so forth. Based on vast experience in the domain and a deep familiarity within the Israeli arena, our team has what it takes to filter out the most suitable channels addressing the customer’s specific characteristics.

Coasts and Benefits:

Establishing a new entity is never an easy task, much more so in a foreign country. It is therefore essential for any decision maker to be well educated and informed about the expected costs and procedures derived. However, in the case of CyberSpark, there are numerous financial benefit venues available that could modify the bigger picture in the most profound way. Using financial and business parameters, Landing-Pad’s team consider together possible benefits and grants (both current and future) with effort evaluation and business plan analysis, only to enable the customer with a quantitative assessment of worthwhileness in the decision making.

Legal and Bureaucracy:

Dealing with local procedures and regulation is probably one of the most deterring factors when considering the establishment of a new entity in a foreign land. The need to comply with both national and municipal practices in addition to foreign language and culture, has the potential to discourage any commercial entity, especially multinational companies. Landing-Pad’s team dedicates substantial attention to those issues throughout the service period, specifically in converting Israeli environmental characteristics into comprehendible and practical terms. Yet once the first 6 months phase is concluded, if desired, a follow-on accompaniment service by the same team is highly recommended.

Recruitment of Talents:

A key factor in the success of any cyber oriented operation lies in the ability to recruit the best talents fit for the tasks defined by the nature of the operation. While the challenge of enlisting talents never ends, it is crucial to cast a strong foundation right from the start, through the recruitment of a core team of managers and directors that would autonomously and gradually expand the operation thereafter. Based on a well-established network in the Israeli Hi-Tech and cyber arena, Landing-Pad’s team can propose the customer with a designate core team, including accurate estimation of salaries and employment conditions practiced for each position level. If required, it is recommended to expand the service into the actual profiling and recruitment phase.

IP and Information Sharing:

One of the most valuable qualities of the CyberSpark Ecosystem is the synergy enabled by the close proximity of all entities residing in the park – industry and academy thus enabling the exchange of ideas and information on a daily basis. Yet, naturally, each commercial entity, being a company or a research body, has to carefully secure its IP being legacy related or newly developed. Based on a deep appreciation of that concern, Landing-Pad’s team addresses the IP related issues with great care. Matters such as IP registration, joint IP in collaboration scenarios, security regulations and non-disclosure rights are duly considered and various ways to ensure these matters are discussed with the customer’s team for the duration of the entire project.

For more information click the link to download the Landing Pad Brochure.