The International School of Cyber Training for Senior Executives and Decision Makers

Cyber security is no longer just an IT issue. Over the past decade, the number and complexity of cyber-attacks has sky-rocketed as society and business have become increasingly more dependent on sophisticated technologies. The risks to corporations, national economies and critical infrastructures are more tangible than ever. Cyber breaches can severely impair operational and financial stability, intellectual property rights and the reputation of any and all entities – locally, nationally and internationally.

Cyber security demands the vigilant attention and supervision of senior leadership. We invite you and your management team to benefit from the expertise acquired by the singular Israeli ecosystem that gave rise to the “Start-Up Nation,” thus becoming cyber literate and taking responsibility for your organization’s cyber security.

Our unique training approach consists of:

  • Comprehensive and intensive programs, combining cutting-edge knowledge, best practices, lab experience and simulations
  • Renowned teachers from academia, the hi-tech industry and the governmental sector
  • Programs that emphasize practical knowledge and hands-on tutorials
  • Multidisciplinary studies
  • Business-focused and tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Domain specific

The Academy focuses on matters of leadership, executive-level planning and decision making, associated with the implementation of a risk-adjusted cybersecurity strategy. It is not just a matter of defending the network and installing technological solutions; it is a matter of holistic strategy and a proactive approach to defending the organization’s digital assets. After just a few days of intensive hands-on practice in one of our specially tailored training programs, you will be able to implement methodologies and practices that will change the way your organization handles cyber threats.

It’s not just about slides and lectures – it’s about experimentation and simulation

Our intensive 2-5-day courses train delegates in practical cyber leadership skills. Training sessions are aimed at developing appropriate knowledge and ensuring that executives acquire fundamental cyber-security and applicable decision-making skills. Through in-depth case studies and simulations, participants experience the latest attack methods, thus grasping the potential risks faced by the organization.

It’s not just about learning – it’s about mentoring by top cyber experts

Being part of the unique CyberSpark initiative, our team includes top experts in the field of cyber security, bringing with them real-life experience in the public and private sectors: former cyber warriors and intelligence professionals, groundbreakers from Israel’s hi-tech industry, governmental and public sector representatives, business executives from around the world, scientists, experts in cyber security, and other notable individuals.

It is not just incident response – it’s about advanced persistent security

We believe that every organization’s leadership is not only responsible for delivering a more effective cyber-security strategy, but also for transforming the cyber culture within the organization. As part of our training, you will learn how to launch a proactive advanced security system. You will practice proven tools and methods for cyber-risk mitigation and design an effective cyber-security strategy. Together with our team of experts, you will adapt these tools to your particular environment, taking into consideration your organization’s assets and constraints.

It’s not just about awareness – it’s about knowing how to act

Cyber security that relies exclusively on detection is insufficient. Our training provides executives with the opportunity to practice and respond to a simulated real-life event. We tailor the simulation to your particular threat scenario, imparting you and your team with a powerful tool in real-time decision making.

It’s not just for techies – it’s specifically designed for leaders

Although cyber security is based on technology, our curriculum is not technical in nature. Participants with only minimal background in technology will find it just as useful as others. We invite corporate C-level executives, directors and board members, governmental and public sector leadership and policy makers, to participate in our specially tailored programs.

5 Day Syllabus

3 Day Syllabus

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Whether you belong to the private or public sector, or are a governmental official or business executive, we will infuse the curriculum with particular examples relevant to your situation. We also offer specific training programs, which can be tailored to your requirements and needs, upon demand.

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