CyberSpark – the new Israeli Cyber Innovation Arena is a joint venture of the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) in the Prime Minister’s Office, Beer-Sheva Municipality, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and leading companies in the cyber-security industry.

By creating a unique geographical cluster of leading cyber companies, multinational corporations, ground-breaking academic research, leading technology defense unites, specialized educational platforms, and the National CERT, CyberSpark offers a comprehensive ecosystem that is unprecedented in terms of innovation and prospective success. Physical proximity and shared interest drive new collaborations and opportunities.

Founded by EMC, JVP, BGNegev and Lockheed-Martin, CyberSpark Industry Initiative is a non-profit organization, designed to be the central coordinating body for joint cyber industry activities with all stake holders, in order to leverage the region’s strengths and maximize its potential. The Initiative is promoting the region and the city of Beer-Sheva as a global cyber center, encouraging joint academia-industry partnerships and supporting the articulation of plans to recruit and develop human resources in the field, as well as incentive plans to draw additional companies, both international or Israeli, to establish projects or base themselves in the region.